Monday, December 24, 2007

and a...

...very Merry Christmas to all!

"for unto us is born this day a child who is Christ the Lord..."

Monday, December 10, 2007

Lucky Peterson...

So they tell me I missed a great show when I didn't go to see Lucky Peterson at the Slye Fox last week.
Dave said this, "Great night, if not a little loud. He was tired but put on a hell of a show. That's my beer he drank..."
And Rich (sitting at the next table) said, "I'm sorry you couldn't make it out, you missed an amazing show. Lucky was having a blast and it showed. For the second set he was joined on stage by a local 14yr prodigy guitar player who blew everyone's minds. Good time had by all."
This is likely the same kid who sizzled on Buddy Guy's axe when I saw him at Hamilton Place.
Where do these kids get the chops?
Practice, practice, practice!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Good morning, faithful reader[s]!
Howdy to Lester.
The newest RYLANDER went out today in the mail. It's the Mavis Staples issue. While I was in Toronto last week I bought the album she did with Lucky Peterson. A tribute to Mahalia Jackson it features Lucky on either piano or organ and Mavis singing spirituals and/or gospel songs. It may not be for everyone but it's a good collection.
Lucky Peterson himself was in town last night, but I missed him. Haven't heard any reports back but a couple of my amigos were there.
The new Levon Helm CD (Dirt Farmer) is earthy and raw, with Levon sounding almost as good as ever, and Larry Campbell playing guitar. The version of Steve Earle's "The Mountain" sounds very Band-like! Amy Helm's backing vocals throughout are lovely.
I found a copy of Yusuf's Cafe Session on DVD, and (although I haven't watched the whole thing) it's a beautifully shot intimate concert of Cat Stevens' favourites and some newer material. Yusuf sounds reinvigorated, and I love his guitar!
It's been very cold here in Ryland the last few days. We had some snow, then rain, then cold, and fortunately the plows got the sewers cleared in time for the freeze or else we'd have been skating down the road.
See you soon!