Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy New Year (belated)

Wow! I can hardly believe it! I haven't blogged since a month before Christmas! And so much has happened.
I told you about Bruce Cockburn at Hamilton Place.
I picked up signed copies of Stephen Stills Manassas Pieces and Rosanne Cash's glorious The List. This is one of my favourite albums of 2009, excpet for the weird version of "Long Black Veil" it's perfect. Then I read Always Been There which tells the story of the list Johnny Cash gave to Rosanne and how it impacted the recording of that album. Lots of other new releases too, McCartney's Good Evening New York, Norah Jones, Fire In My Bones (a 3 disc set of African-American Gospel), a re-issue of Bob Carpenter's Silent Passage which features Lowell George! Tom Petty's bargain of the year, 4 discs of live material for under $20! Wow! Read the new McCartney bio, which tells the same old story. There was an interesting quote from Ringo the other day. Someone has asked him to write HIS autobiography, but they only want the Beatles years. He says he's done a lot more stuff, and I for one would be interested in that! We've read everything there is to read about Hamburg, and Pete Best...let's move on!
Still thinking about Billy Bragg. That was a remarkable show! Saw The Good Lovelies at The Pearl Company. And Randy Bachman at the Glenn Gould Theatre.
And here we are in February, 2010. FEBRUARY! Where does the time go?
Ry Cooder will be releasing a new album in a month or so, with the Chieftains. Looking forward to that one.
See you soon.