Monday, October 20, 2008

Some new music, and stuff...

The new Jackson Browne CD, Time the Conqueror has been on my playlist for a week now, and I can't get enough.  The band is very good, especially Mark Goldenberg on guitar.  I saw them on Leno and they were excellent.  Searching Jackson Browne on eBay led me to the discovery of a very cool blog, Addicted to Vinyl.  Check it out at  

I've had two Albert Lee CDs on order at the local used shop for over 2 years.  Finally last week I got notice that one had arrived.  Road Runner.  I drove up to grab it after work.  Paid, got in the car and took the disc out to play it, and what do you know?  The insert was signed by Albert Lee!  Maybe the previous owner forgot, or maybe he just wasn't much of a fan...but let's just say, it was worth the wait, to get a signed CD by this guitar master!  Oh, and the music's good too!  I picked up the new Buena Vista Social Club Live at Carnegie Hall set too, and while Ry Cooder might complain about the sound quality, the performance is great.  Nice packaging too.  Someone sent me a programme from this show just after it took I have audio and visual souvenirs now!   Lucinda Williams Little Honey is a beautiful sounding album too.  I love the quality of her voice, the directness of her songs, and she always has a hot band.  This time is no exception. And she covers AC/DC!

I also bought myself an 8gig iPod Nano on the weekend, and jammed it with a bunch of these new CDs.  I love shuffling through the album covers, shaking it for a new shuffle.  And it just feels so substantial.   And the white earphones are cool!

Sad news this week as Frankie Venom, lead singer of Hamilton's own Teenage Head passed away.  Only 52 years old.  Their newest CD recorded with Marky Ramone is a delight. That's the way Frankie would want to be remembered. Playing loud and fast rock'n'roll!

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