Wednesday, November 26, 2008

HEY! Where's that new Neil Young release?

So after supper last night, I washed the dishes and then drove out to Best Buy to pick up the new Neil Young CD Sugar Mountain. There was something else I wanted too. The Fireman Electric Arguments by Paul McCartney and Youth. When I got there, and it's a good half hour away, no Neil Young, no Fireman, just G&R Chinese Democracy and the new Kanye West. They showed up on the website browse I did earlier in the day. The sale prices looked good, better than any place else. But the discs were simply not there! How many times has this happened to you?
I received a couple of invitations by e-mail from Macca to buy his new CD which would be released on November 25th. And yet, they didn't manage to get 'em into the stores. Neil? Well, we've been waiting for the major Archives project for I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The material is old though...real old. Shouldn't be a big problem getting that done. One thing though...Did you realize Neil was filming his shows WAY back in the day? What a planner!
I hope that this stuff will show up soon, I'm leaving time in my schedule to listen. I have space on my iPod too!
Still trying to get a copy of the new JD Souther. They didn't have much faith in it I guess, maybe it was a name recognition issue..."who'll remember him?" Until then I'm listening to Border Town his best of collection. I scooped it as a torrent. No stores carried it. Hey! Record companies! Get your stuff in the stores and people will buy it! There's still lots of folks like me, who want to hold something tangible as they listen to new music.

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