Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas shopping...

Picked up the new 3-DVD set The McCartney Years, which features all Macca's videos for 30 years of singles, plus some live material drawn from out-of-print videos. For the Macca-fan it's a goldmine. For anyone who doesn't care about the ex-Beatle it's a waste of money and time. So you have to decide which camp you fall into and then decide if the $30 price tag is worth it. I like having this material, but music videos wear out quickly. And Sir Paul has a look about him that is increasingly growing tiresome. He's too old to have that gormless smirk on his face, and his eyebrows (which form the front cover design) are taking on a life of their own. He's just so precious...there, I've said it. That said...he remains one of the world's greatest melody writers!
Better viewing appears on Eric Clapton's 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival. Two discs boasting some amazing guitar pyrotechnics. Doyle Bramhall, John Mayer (great guitar, vocal mannerisms annoying), Vince Gill, Robbie Robertson (sizzling on "Who Do You Love"), Albert Lee (can anybody play that fast...and accurately?), Sheryl Crow, Bill Murray (playing "Gloria"!) and more. Not a dull minute. And at a dandy price!
We're just mourning the passing of another national record store. Remember when they were called that? Music World is closing its doors, following Sam the Record Man into the history books. Where am I going to shop when I get to Toronto now? HMV I guess!

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