Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Eagles. It's called Long Road Out of Eden, and comes in a cardboard sleeve, not unlike a double vinyl package. Two CDs and a lyric booklet (which is seriously hard to read). Why do people print song lyrics in long square formats with designs as line breaks? Why do they do it? reduces the carbon footprint by using less paper (I guess) but what's the point? Who's going to take the time to read these lyrics? They're not numbered, so you're listening to the album and you think, "Hmmm, what was that line?" then you have to check the CD player for what number the track is, look on the back cover for the title that goes with that number, then look in the booklet for the correct lyric. You can't just say, "it's the 2nd verse" because the lyrics are printed in this full page block! So...what's the point? And...obviously, Henley and Frey want us to read the lyrics because they've made so many political comments.
Why is this CD only available at WalMart? You know, when WalMart came to Canada, they used a lot of leverage to stop other department stores from being built in the neighborhood, they paid their employees low wages, etc. You've heard it all before.
Ah well...back to the album. The photos are all from out of Eden...deserts, dunes, clear cut logs, and the four Eagles. The songs? Well, they sound just like the Eagles. It's been 28 years or so since the last time they put out an album...but all the solo stuff and changes in the music world over those three decades have had no impact on the Eagles at all. In fact, it sounds like a Greatest Hits album...with songs you don't quite remember. So...I guess the point is...if you liked 'em'll like 'em now. And $10.88 for a double CD is pretty good...even if you have to go to WalMart to buy it!

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