Tuesday, October 30, 2007

where've you been?

I've been right here...but busy. Sorry for the delay in getting back to blogging. Sure, it seems simple, every day you just write down what's been happening...but did you ever stop to think...if something's happening...you're too busy to write about it!
Anyway...I'm listening to Neil Young's Chrome Dreams II right now. "Ordinary People" is the track, and Neil is jamming the beejeebers out of that note again! Nu-nu-nu-nu,nu,nu,nu-nu-nu-nuuuuuu!!! Gotta love that. Just received my free copy of Ray Davies' Working Man's Cafe, which was given away in the Sunday Times last weekend. My friend and fellow Rylander Jerry managed to score me a copy. (Thanks Jerry) It's a good album, ten songs by the former Kink, which show that Ray still has what it takes and we've always loved his voice (admit it!) The recent DYLAN box is a decent collection, especially for people who want to start a Dylan collection. Not one rare or unreleased track (ok, "Blind Willie McTell" might rate as hard tofind...but it's been available on an official Dylan album before this) but altogether a satisfying bunch of Bob's songs. And I got the special deluxe box (for a great price at Indigo!). Whether or not these are actually Bob's greatest songs...well...that's not for me to say. Many of his best songs are included.
Reading Paul Myers' It Ain't Easy, the biography of Long John Baldry. And it's a good read. Baldry was one of those guys whose music was pretty much in the background but his impact on the scene was more through the success of band members like Rod Stewart & Elton John. Nevertheless...he made some enjoyable records, and...he lived in Dundas for a while, just up the road. Last time I saw him...he opened for the Beach Boys, and sang a duet with Kathi MacDonald.
Clapton's autobiography is a bit like a chat with an old friend. Quite a pleasant way to hear about drug and alcohol abuse. Patti Boyd's book covers much of the same ground. The most unpleasant biography I've read recently is Billy Joel by Mark Bego. I'm really not sure how Mark Bego gets these book deals, the guy can hardly put together a coherent sentence. And Billy Joel comes across like a complete jerk.
The Eagles new CD comes out today, only at Walmart. An exclusive deal! They said on the radio that it's because Walmart impressed Henley and Frey with their devotion to "leaving a smaller carbon footprint"...uh-huh! No comment.

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