Tuesday, October 16, 2007


There has been a flurry of posts on the Rylander Discussion Group because British TV was showing the Ry Cooder session on Old Grey Whistle Test. This show was taped in 1977, and features the Chicken Skin Band. They are pretty hot as they work their way through "Tattler," "Dark End of the Street," Jesus On the Mainline," "Do-Re-Mi," "Goodnight Irene," "He'll Have To Go," and "Smack Dab In the Middle." Awesome. I was able to get a DVD copy of this show in a trade I made with an English collector a couple of years back. Also there is a second DVD, called Ry Cooder on the BBC-TV. It seems to be an episode of Later On with Jools Holland and includes two tracks from the OGWT show of '77 ("Smack Dab..." & ""He'll Have To Go"), 2 from an OGWT in 1973 ("Vigilante Man" & "Goin' to Brownsville"), 2 from OGWT in 1982 ("How Can a Poor Man..." & "The Very Thing That Makes You Rich") and 2 from The Late Show in 1990 (Little Village's "Fool Who Knows" and "Rattlin' King Snake" with John Lee Hooker). It even includes all the ads, which make for really entertaining viewing!
Quality is good. We started a trading pyramid on the Rylander Discussion Group for interested traders.
Other DVDs I have include the Pahinui Brothers show, taken from a VHS-tape from Hawaii (includes a cool documentary about Gabby), the Chavez Ravine film, Ry on Rockpalast, and Les Blanc's extraordinary documentary of Ry's Moula Banda at the Catalyst.
I hear rumours that David Lindley has a DVD forthcoming. That'll be a goodun! Maybe Ry will finally release an official DVD one of these days...until he does...it's boots for me!

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