Wednesday, October 3, 2007

first posting of October...

Good morning!
It feels like autumn today.
There's another batch of new CDs and I bought a few of 'em.
The new Springsteen, Magic, is packaged in a mini LP gatefold cover, very attractive. First recording with the E Street Band since The Rising, and more lively than that one. On first listen I'd have to say that Bruce picked up some tips from the Seeger Sessions. "Radio Nowhere" sounds like a classic.
JJ Cale's Rewind is a selection of archival recordings from the early days. Excellent album, and no surprises. The Shelter years established JJ's sound and as one might expect these are lazy grooves with Cale's mellow mumble, and nifty guitar picking. I can't get enough of this guy. New or's JJ Cale!
The Very Best of Mick Jagger does a good job of finding the one or two good songs from his non-Stones output. There were always a couple of gooduns on his albums, and for the most part...he (and Atlantic/Rhino) has made the same choices I would've. "Memo From Turner", ""Don't Look Back" (with Peter Tosh), "Just Another Night" and the duet with Bowie on "Dancing In The Streets" are all here, as well as the unreleased (John Lennon produced) "Too Many Cooks". A good collection, but look for the deluxe edition with the DVD...I couldn't find it!
Have a good Canadian Thanksgiving, and look for the new autobiography by Eric Clapton next Tuesday.
Oh, and the new Steve Earle washington square serenade, is getting a lot of play around here.
For Beatles fans. While you're waiting for the release of HELP! on DVD (Nov.6), and The McCartney Years (3 DVDs on Nov.13) check out this web site for a delightful cartoon history of Beatlemania!
There are two more print Rylanders in the can, so if you're a subscriber look for mailings later this month, and again just before Christmas.

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