Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New CDs...

We must be gearing up for Christmas! There have been some really interesting releases in the last couple of weeks (and next Tuesday holds quite a bit of promise). Mark Knopfler's kill to get crimson arrived last week. It's a fairly subdued album featuring some intriguing lyrics and music that's beautifully played and recorded if a bit soporific. Of course, if you're REALLY having trouble getting to sleep, try the new Raul Malo! Zzzzzz!
Joni Mitchell was just inducted into the Canadian Songwriters' Hall of Fame (last night on CBC) and her new CD arrived (at Starbucks) the same day! I downloaded it (all legal-like) from eMusic, and I'm glad I did. Saved some dough! It's dull, samey, and precise. Again...a beautiful
sonic sheen covering up...a tired Joni. Shine is not Blue, whatever they tell you. And who needs another version of "Big Yellow Taxi"?
Goin' Home is a double CD sub-titled a Tribute to Fats Domino. Now here's a guy who deserves a tribute. The recent biography Blue Monday gave me a new appreciation for Antoine. And his recent album Alive and Kicking rocks like crazy! This one spreads new versions of Fats's tunes across 2 CDs and features people like Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, Taj Mahal, BB King, Robbie Robertson, and a bunch of Crescent City denizens too! I like it!
I also enjoyed the new Steve Earle disc washington square serenade. It's rootsy, and acoustic, lots of guitars, and mandolins and Steve's rugged vocals.
A new DVD came along too, The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show. This is just some of the musical guests, hand-picked by Johnny for his 1969-71 variety show. I recall watching many of these when I was a mere boy! I specifically remember Bob Dylan's appearance. The version included here seems far grainier than the rest, and looks as though it comes from a different source. My complaint with this set is that in the opening scenes they show artists who don't appear in the programme. They show James Taylor a couple of times, for instance, but his efforts are not included.
The David Gilmour concert DVD is still getting lots of play at home! Called Remember That Night it certainly helps this viewer remember the night at Massey Hall in Toronto. And the bonus footage is quite interesting too.

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