Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey...where've I been?

Been absent for a while! Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long. I know everyone out there in blog-land is just waiting on my next posting with bated breath. Especially Lester Bilbo! The newest issue of Fretboard Journal just came out, and again they've shown that they are the best guitar magazine out there! Earl Scruggs on the cover. Awesome. And a review of what looks like a MUST-have book for southpaw pickers like me! Uncommon Sound! 2 big deluxe volumes, lotsof pictures, and all the left-handed guitar players you can name! Well, except for yours truly...but when I sign my name in the front of my own copy...I'll stick a snapshot of myself playing between the pages!
I'm off to a board meeting in Ottawa for the rest of the week, so won't be posting.
New music? I recorded a couple of my own songs at 3 Flamingos Studio in Brantford. Picked up a copy of Eliza Gilkyson's live CD (excellent) and Lyle Lovett's It's Not Big It's Large (I think he means his band!) . Also Ben Harper's new one, (yawn). But I'm waiting for next Tuesday and Mark Knopfler's new CD! And David Gilmour's live DVD. And the Johnny Cash TV show set. It's always something, and me trying to save the money for that book of left-handed guitar players. It's $300!
Anybody want to take up a collection?

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