Thursday, August 30, 2007

The story of Blondie's autograph...

I wrote what we call an "omni" review of Blondie Chaplin's recorded ouevre for Green Man Review a few years ago. It's been one of my most popular reviews,'s one of the few things on the internet to deal with Blondie's career. Oh, he now has his own MySpace site, and even his own web site, if you look hard enough. But for a long time you Googled "Blondie Chaplin" and you got my GMR article. It even led to Blondie himself phoning me at the office. Of course, I was on vacation at the time and missed the call...we never did connect...although I have spoken with Keith Lentin and Rob Fraboni and I've been put in touch with the people who are planning to distribute Blondie's great unreleased classic Fragile Thread. They tell me it's still coming!
Anyway...Blondie was on tour with the Rolling Stones, providing backing vocals and playing some guitar, and an internet pal printed off my review and had Blondie sign it after a Stones show a couple of months back. There it to the left. To Blondie and to Gwen...thanks!

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