Saturday, August 18, 2007

the latest fascinating news...

So we're back from the great north woods, where we visited our friends Don & Pat. On the way we stopped at the new Tim Horton's in Bracebridge where I met Mike O and bought his Pignose amp. I took my 335 with me to test it out, and man...this little thing has a lot of sound. Especially if you want distortion, but played with the volume down you can achieve some nice pure tones. Well worth the money, and (after all) I've wanted one since the very first time I saw it advertised in a magazine...WAY WAY BACK!
Bought the new Crowded House CD, which has some nice tunes on it, and the John Lennon covers album for Darfur. If some of the money goes to helping those folks in Darfur, then I'm all for it. Read Dave Eggers' What Is The What for a taste of what is going on over there! Horrifying!
I'm still enjoying Paul Wellers' Hit Parade CD, and finished reading the new biography of Joe Strummer (another guy I've really begun to appreciate.) My son (and his girlfriend) gave me a gift card for Chapters which I spent on the new Bob Marley book about Exodus (which includes a CD of the album) and this is an excellent look at the creation of this classic album.
Thanks to Gwen for sending Blondie Chaplin's autograph! I appreciate it! Love that guy. When is Fragile Thread coming out?
Look for RPC on the cover of the fall edition of Sing Out! which should be coming any day now!

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