Monday, August 6, 2007

cd player update...

So, the next morning, I turn the car on, and out pops my CDs! As easy as that. Now it's loading and unloading, and playing, and random selecting, and all the other functions just great. I think I must have rushed pushing the 'load' button, while it still said 'wait'...anyway...I won't do that again.
I'm not sure if anyone out there reads Vanity Fair, but there's a dandy interview with Sly Stone in the new issue! With some recent pictures too! And he doesn't have that weird white mohawk he sported when he did the Grammies!
After 2 weeks of vacation I'm back to work tomorrow, and then I'll work on the budget update, and prepare for another couple weeks off. I am buying a Pignose amp from a guy in Bracebridge. He bought 2, for some reason. So, I'll meet him at a coffee shop on my way to the cottage. Make the exchange, my money for his amp. I'll take a handful of AA batteries with me and then I can plug in my 335 on the dock, as I'm relaxing in the sun! Aah! All mod cons!
Time to go, gotta vacuum the know the drill.

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