Monday, June 25, 2007

another word about Gene Autry...

There was a tribute concert a few years ago celebrating the singing cowboy which was hosted by the Gene Autry Museum. Dwight Yoakam played, accompanied by RPC, among others. This show was released on VHS but has never appeared on DVD (to my knowledge) which is too bad. The Dwight tunes were available on YouTube (I saw them there last week) but RPC has been carefully cleaning anything connected with him off he might have already got there.
The Autry Museum is a cool place, and their web site is well worth visiting. I had a penpal who lived a block or two away from the Museum. She went to the Gift Shop and bought me a couple of nifty souvenirs. so I have an oversized Gene Autry mug on my desk, and a Gene Autry magnet on the fridge. Still trying to get a Gene Autry autograph though. Prices are going up on eBay as more folks start to appreciate the man.

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