Saturday, June 2, 2007

Richard Thompson

Well, the new Richard Thompson album arrived, with an extra insert, autographed by RT himself. Very nice. I have been busy with a conference I was hosting at work, so I've only had time to give it one quick cursory listen, but my feeling so far is...I like it! It's called Sweet Warrior and is filled with the electric guitar wizardry for which Thompson is best known. It's an electric, band album. And RT is in top form. He's not showy like Steve Vai (f'rinstance) and he definietly has his own sound. Man does this guy know his way around the fretboard. The lyrical content is suitably doomy and gloomy, some of it about the war, some if it about the people responsioble for the war. I'm going to spend a couple more days listening and will report back.
Picnic today, out in the heat. They're calling for possible thunderstorms. Oh, that'd be too bad!

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