Wednesday, May 30, 2007

t bone's 2nd chance...

Nope! Couldn't get into it. The dramatic reading approach to rock'n'roll doesn't work for me, whether it's Steve Allen mocking the genre, or T Bone Burnett taking it in a new direction. I like his guitar all right, and the sound is really interesting...but the whole "performance art" style simply doesn't get the ole feet movin'.
I've been listening to that Paul Reddick album though, and it sounds great. Colin Linden slides all over the place. Fans of RPC's bottleneck playing will definitely find something to satisfy them with this release. And Reddick's vocals and harp technique are startlingly good!
Reading a book about Lenny Breau. It was my souvenir from Winnipeg (the city where Breau lived for some of his life, and where Randy Bachman met him, and learned his own jazz stylings). It's part cautionary tale, and part tribute to a guitar genius. One Long Tune by Ron Forbes-Roberts, is worth searching out.

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