Wednesday, May 2, 2007

later the same day...

Am I crazy or has Elvis Costello been the most reissued artist in history. I just received notice that there are two new collections (a Best of the first 10 years & one called Rock 'n' Roll) to add to all the other Best of's from every label he's ever been with...AND...the first 11 albums are to be re-issued. Now, I like Elvis as much as the next guy, but it's getting a little bit crazy, isn't it? OK, some of the interest will be simply because this will be the first time his tunes will be available digitally, so people will now be able to dump them onto their iPods...but I don't have any more money to donate to Declan's household. I saw him on his first tour of Canada, when he only had one album...his songs were only a minute long...he played everthing from My Aim Is True plus a new song, and a cover version, and he was finished in about 32 minutes. Considering that the venue didn't even provide an opening band ( was a juggler!!!) it was probably the briefest concert I've ever attended. Good though!

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