Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a new week...

Greetings all (or should I say...both). If you read this blog I welcome you. I guess if you don't read this blog, it doesn't matter what I say to you, does it!
Listening to the new collection of Paul Reddick's music. This guy manages to capture the essence of the blues. He channels so many old bluesmen, I just can't believe it. Such a sound he gets! Plays the harp, sings great, is produced by (and features guitar by) Colin Linden. Check him out, and Reddick Revue is a fine way to start. It's 18 tracks from his whole career, lots of dandy guitar work, and sizzling harmonica. New from Northern Blues Music. Canajan blues! Aah!
I just heard that Rhino Handmade is releasing a T Bone Burnett collection, with the complete Proof Through the Night album (including contributions from RPC, Pete Townshend and Richard Thompson) as well as the 2 Trap Door eps. A double disc set, well worth the price. Rhino Handmade continues to find material that I'm interested in. And I love the smell of their insert booklets too!
I ordered the forthcoming Richard Thompson CD too, with a pre-order you get an autographed booklet! Who could resist. Check Newbury Comics for this offer.

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