Wednesday, May 9, 2007

wot? sick again?

No, still sick. Feeling much better though, and using my time wisely. Brushing up on my slide guitar, playing along with the Mavis Staples album...and also picking up some Pops Staples' riffs by playing along with his Father, Father album. I also started watching Crumb, the Terry Zwigoff film about R. Crumb. What an unusual family; and what a marvelous artist he is. I have a couple books of his work, The R. Crumb Handbook and R.Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country. The handbook features a much broader spectrum of his work, and has substantial amounts of sexual material while the heroes book is a collection of his drawings for three sets of trading cards. Just portraits of musicians. I bought two of those three sets when they were first issued, and have treasured them for years. Crumb's drawing (whatever the subject matter) are extraordinary. His characters have weight and presence, and are absolutely real. His new book (a biography of Kafka) is also worth having. Got an e-mail from Van Dyke Parks the other day...more about that later!

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