Monday, May 28, 2007

everybody's a critic...

I got an email the other day from someone who took exception to a review I wrote about two years ago. In my article about the Kevin Courrier Randy Newman bio, I happened to say something to the effect that Courrier did not tell any of Newman's secrets. Then I went on to describe the book as well written, interesting, fascinating, highly recommended...I think I stopped just this side of "book of the year, without which no self respecting reader should be..." Anyway, this fellow wanted to (and I quote) "demenstrate [sic]...[that you're an] idiot...[and that the author had] forgot more than you'll ever know, or ever experience." Well...I am thinking of getting out of the reviewing business. I confess...I'm sorry I mentioned that there were no 'secrets' in this book...I shouldn't have expected them. [In fact...I didn't.] I do realize what secrets are. And I see now, that if Courrier had divulged them...they wouldn't be secrets anymore. Doh!'s back to just talking about music. No more opinions.

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