Friday, May 18, 2007

home again...

...the streets are not much cleaner...the quaint old southside scenery is quaint no more...just older than before...sorry, that's Randy Newman for you. Well, I'm back from Winnipeg. The conference was worthwhile, and the board meeting went quite smoothly, now it's back to normal. Listening to Lyle Lovett's covers album which I found used in the old 'Peg. Excellent stuff. I read Kevin Courrier's 33 1/3rd book about Trout Mask Replica and it reawakened my interest in Mr. Van Vliet. There's quite a few mentions of RPC in this volume, as it tells the story of the Safe As Milk album in the leadup to TMR. Courrier is a writer I have admired, his book on Zappa (Dangerous Kitchen) is excellent, & his biography of Randy Newman (American Dreams) fills in all the details you need to know.
Step Inside This House is the name of the Lyle Lovett album, and it's well worth looking into. I'm still digging the Mavis Staples album, and can't quite figure out why people don't like it so much. She can sing, that's for sure, and Ry and the band play their butts off.

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