Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday, June 21st...

Just listening to some Rosanne Cash, after Shorty's Ghost (by David Rea), and trying to read some documents about "teaching and learning" for a meeting tomorrow. We have to try to explain to other people just what it is we do. Have you ever tried to do that? It's not easy. Sure you can list all the things you might do in an 8 hour shift, but whatever you ends up not sounding like very much.
Just received a Gene Autry Tribute CD (by the Riders In the Sky) called Public Cowboy #1. I used to love watching Gene Autry on TV when I was a kid. And I still am a fan, after buying a box of DVDs (for $5 at the grocery store!) I listened to a new collection of Gene's music (The Essential Gene Autry, I think it is) and was really pleasantly surprised at how good he was. It wasn't just my young mind being impressed by a cowboy. Very Jimmie Rodgers-esque!
Still trying to compile a library of songs for my mp3 player (which hasn't yet arrived, I might add). It's not easy. What do you leave out? What has to be there? Quite a challenge.

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