Tuesday, July 3, 2007

long weekend...

Well, the long weekend is over. Canada is 140 years old! Happy birthday, Canada!
Matt came home safely from his camping trip, Connie survived her hip replacement surgery, Gloria spent much of each day visiting the hospital, Jesse came home from Meaford but spent most of his time with Natalie...and I played my guitar quite a bit. The people next door went away, and their son came to look after the dog. While there, he decided to have a party, which went on, quite loudly, into the early hours of Sunday morning. Lots of swearing and shouting, plenty of laughing and swearing as too many people squeezed into 'not strong enough' chairs. We heard several crunches and tears..."Oh, sorry man! I'll have to reimburse you for that one!" Oh well...it's not like they do this every weekend...so we just laughed and tried to ignore it. Didn't see any fireworks at all though...not one!
Listened to a new box set from Free Reed (makers of the absolutely BEST CD sets in the universe) this time five discs of the music of Steve Tilston. He reminds me of Bert Jansch quite a bit, so right now I am playing Bert Jansch's limited edition Best of Bert Jansch CD which came as a bonus with Crimson Moon. This British folk music stuff is, for me, an acquired taste. And one which I have not completely acquired yet. Small doses are okay...but five discs!?!? No thanks! Excellent fingerstyle guitar, but the voices are so...I don't know...annoying. Nice piccolo trumpet on "Woe is Love My Dear"!
I'm trying to clear some space in my home office...and am at the point where I'm willing to dispose of five or six years of Q magazine! If you're interested...send me an e-mail.

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