Sunday, July 29, 2007

back from NYC...

Well, we had a great time in the Big Apple. David Hyde Pierce was hilarious in Curtains. We had good seats, since we ordered them early in the run, before he had won the Tony Award. Our hotel was close to all the action of Times Square, easy to walk to Virgin Records, or Manny's, Sam Ash, Rudy's, the Iridium Jazz Club, etc. Les Paul played Monday night at the Iridium, but they were sold out well in we didn't get in. Can't say that the people at the club are very friendly though. The Jazz/dinner cruise was excellent, with food that was tasty, music that was rockin' jazzy, and the biggest Black Russians ever! Mmmm.
Bought the new Stephen Stills CD, which is really his first recordings, done after a Judy Collins date, when he "peeled off a couple of hundreds..." and used the engineer's time to record a demo. Some classic tunes that Stills recorded again later. I picked up the Johnny Rivers' anthology too, since it was never released in the Great White North. Good stuff. And a few DVDs, including the Best of Hootenanny which features B&W footage from the old Hootenanny TV show, back in the early 60s. For a folkin' good time, check it out.
Also picked up Randy Newman Live at the Odeon, with special guests Linda Ronstadt and Ry Cooder. Had previously only seen this on a grainy VHS copy. Beautiful show.
And...Paul Weller's hit parade (2xDVD set) showed me that I had missed some seriously good music by ignoring this guy's career. Well, it's not too late to jump on the bandwagon.

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