Thursday, July 19, 2007


I posted something yesterday and it took a few hours before it showed up...but there it is...a quick review of Steve Strngman and Watermelon Slim...
Just finished reading Mark Bego's biography of Billy Joel. Billy Joel sounds like a bit of a jerk. But then Bego holds him in such high regard he can't seem to make the logical jump to say, "Billy Joel is a jerk!" He has spoken to the ex-band members, especially Liberty DeVitto who really has an axe to grind. There's lots of dirt on the boss, and as a reader you can't help but think...why does he say that stuff (Joel, that is) and do the things he does. In the meantime, you're humming his songs to yourself as they are discussed, and you can't help but be drawn back to the records in only just to remind yourself what they sounded like. Bego is not a particularly good writer, and there are a ton of typos throughout the book. My favourite is when he calls Senator Joe McCarthy...Joe McCartney!
Next up...Chris Salewicz's bio of Joe Strummer. I'll take it with me to NYC. I can read a page a night just before I drop off to sleep.

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