Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ry Cooder Songbook...

I was cleaning up the computer room at home and sorting through all my songbooks last night. Harry Nilsson (with images from Buckminster Fuller), a couple of Randy Newman books, plenty of Beatles stuff, Country classics, Blues, and hits of the 60s (you know the kind of stuff you collect). I came across a 36 page book I bought in 1980 for $6.95! It was hidden in the racks of a funky little guitar shop in Toronto. Ry Cooder is scrawled across the top in red script and it says 'A selection of Ry Cooder's best songs specially arranged for easy guitar plus an illustrated biography. Includes Little Sister, Smack Dab In the Middle and How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?' And sure enough...that's all true.
The illustrated biography is fairly simplistic. Written by Giovanni Dadomo it runs for three pages illustrated with three B&W photos of Ry and some pen and ink sketches of the songs.
The songs transcriptions are even simpler. I've included an image of one. Enjoy. For more chords check out the Ry Cooder web site I've recommended in LINKS. For more biography look for the Ry Cooder bio, only available in Italian! More about that later.
Happy Anniversary to my wife and I today! 32 years! And they said it wouldn't last!

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