Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Autographs. Some people give 'em, some people collect 'em. And some people refuse to give 'em. I think it was American actor Keenan Wynn who refused to sign anything, but he would take time to pose for pictures with folks. So here are a few autographs I've collected over the years.

Ron Sexsmith, obtained this one after a concert in St.Catharines. He said, "I don't like using those gold pens," and pulled out a black sharpie. I said, "Please, can you use the gold?" Which he did, of course then it didn't dry for about ten minutes. Still, I think the gold looks good against the tones in the picture.

Bettye LaVette. Purchased this one from her web site. She managed to use one of those liquid silver pens without smearing.

This one came from Newbury Comics. They often have some excellent collectibles, most are available in Canada although sometimes the signed copies are only available to US customers. Glad to have been able to get this one.

Klaus Voormann, the artist who did the Beatles' Revolver and Anthology covers, was also a bass player, and one of the Fab Four's oldest friends from the Hamburg days. I bought one of his signed prints from his web site, and then when this career celebrating CD was released I ordered it as well. He signed in letters big enough for King George to read!

A week after seeing Levon perform at Massey Hall I bought this 3-disc set from his web-site. A bit pricey maybe, the discs have all the bonus tracks and remastered frills removed and sound just like the original albums I fell in love with so many years ago. Nice to have Levon's scrawl on the box.

I now have signatures from the three surviving Band-mates. Remind me to tell you the Garth Hudson story sometime!

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