Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My box of music...

Last night I was sitting at the computer when I noticed two cardboard boxes sort of wedged in between the desk and the wall. I knew they were there, but hadn't really paid any attention to them for quite a while. So...last night I pulled them out and went through them, and I thought I would share with my faithful reader[s] just what was there.
45s, piles of 45s. Remember them? They were the gold standard for music back in the day. You didn't need to buy everybody's albums (or LPs) when you could just get a 7" vinyl copy of the big hit (or best song) that often included an unreleased track on the B-side. Kinda like iTunes but you actually got a piece of vinyl and a nifty picture sleeve!
There were a lot of Beatles and Beatles related singles, which I'll share in a later blog. There was a big selection of Beach Boys and Brian Wilson material, some Canadian music, a few real obscurities, some Dylan, Donovan, Hollies, and more. I'll show them to you later, but right now let's look at Pete Townshend.
Just a handful but each one contains at least one song that never found official release in another format.
"Let My Love Open The Door" is taken from 1980's Empty Glass album, and has "Classified" and "Greyhound Girl" on the B-side. The sleeve notes "Two previously unreleased tracks found beneath the Eel Pie floorboards", but my favourite is the sticker on the front proclaiming "Don't pay more than 60p for this single", cost me $3.49 well over 60p! But it was an import!
1982'2 All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes was the source for the next two. "Face Dances, part 2" is backed with "Man Watching" and features a sleeve showing a sad eyed Pete behind his double neck guitar on one side, and a series of Japanese faces on the other.
The picture disc was fairly pricey too. "Uniforms" on the A-side and the unreleased "Dance It Away" on the flip. Note the white socks!
"Give Blood" comes from the White City album and is backed by a live rendition of "Magic Bus" performed by Pete with Dave Gilmour and Deep End. It was recorded Nov.3rd, 1995 at The Academy in Brixton.
Just thought folks might enjoy seeing these things.
I'll be back soon with some more curios.

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