Monday, March 14, 2011

Beatles 45s...PAUL ('80s)

Coming Up / Coming Up [live in Glasgow] + Lunch Box/Odd Sox (McCartney, 1980)

Waterfalls / Check My Machine (McCartney, 1980)

Ebony and Ivory (McCartney) additional vocals by Stevie Wonder / Rainclouds (McCartney-Laine, 1982)

The Girl Is Mine (M.Jackson) duet Michael Jackson + Paul McCartney / Can't Get Outa the Rain (Jackson-Jones) 1982

Say Say Say (McCartney-Jackson) duet Paul McCartney + Michael Jackson / Ode to a Koala Bear (McCartney) 1983

Spies Like Us (McCartney) from the film Spies Like Us / My Carnival (McCartney) 1985

Only Love Remains (McCartney) / Tough On a Tightrope (McCartney-Stewart) 1986

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